Are coffee mugs microwave safe ?

first off all, here at Mugsouk we make a 100% microwave safe coffee mugs printed and shipped from the united state. You an Download our regulatory compliance documentation here .

microwave safe can mean a lot of different things:

  • does not have metal in it
  • Does it have chemicals that will leach in to the beverage .
  • Does it get too hot?

How to Test if a Dish Is Microwave Safe

you can find out if your new coffee mug is microwave safe with this easy method, just follow these 5 step ;

  1. set the microwave in the highest power
  2. fill out the wup half way with water
  3. heat up for a one minute
  4. if your mugs is cool and the water is hot , the mug is microwave save.

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If you still confuse and this method didn't work go check wikihow article to double check 

Microwave-Safe Labels

the label " microwave safe" isn't required for manufacture and coffee mugs company to taste  their mugs to be  safe to handle heat and radiation from microwave .

another big problem is heating liquid in ceramic that is not libald microwave safe,the mug is gonna break  because it can't hand that degree of heating.

how to find microwave safe mugs ?

To avoid all the hazard of using non microwave safe mugs, just do the research before going and buying one from the market. 

  • filter microwave safe in amazon before choosing the mugs you like
  • just buy mugs from all of our mugs are microwave prof
  • always test the mug before using it 

What To avoid?

if you avoid these 3 thing, you should have no problem with ceramic mugs, ceramic glasses in general :   

  • very thin glass
  • glass rimmed with metal 
  • glass with any leak in it


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